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We provide safe and quality housing in the Minneapolis area. 

We turn ugly houses into beautiful homes. 

We strive to provide short-term and long-term housing solutions. 

Need to sell or rent your house? 

Need a safe, quality and affordable housing solution? 

We are here to serve you. 

Path to Financial Freedom

We connect you to the knowledge, tools, and support needed to be on the path to financial freedom so that you can live life by design versus default! Our system focuses on teaching how to pay less in taxes (morally and ethically), understand credit, accelerate debt-payoff and leverage a self-directed IRA. 

Real Estate Investing & Business Success

We leverage an advanced training system with over 400 hours of education and individual coaching to create successful investors and business owners. We teach every strategy by leveraging the most successful investors in the industry. We lead a team of like-minded investors and business owners who are committed to growth and success!

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