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About Us


We are Anna and Roy, a husband-wife real estate investing and business team! Our passion is giving back and helping others rise up. This is our story!

We were married when we were 37. Anna grew up in Minnesota and Roy grew up in Uganda. We both had overcome a lot of struggles in life before marriage- serious illness, finishing a doctorate program, starting life over in a new country.

The journey to overcome birthed a great passion in us to help others rise up.


When we got married, we were both working over 60 hours a week.

Anna had finished her PhD with a great job but it was very clear we wouldn't have enough for retiremnt. Roy was putting in countless hours running a film business and working side gigs. It seemed like the more we worked- the more we paid in taxes and did not put much of a dent in our debt.


We weren't sure how but knew there had to be  a smarter way!


Through a friend of a friend- we got a job filming a real estate investing event. As we were filming, our hearts were filled with hope that we found what we needed to succeed. Knowledge, support and collaboration.

We are so fortunate we found the support we needed to become successful real estate investors and business owners. We are still in disbelief of what we have been able to achieve in such a short time.


 We are so thankful. It is an honor to empower others through education, coaching and collaboration!


Be Empowered. Rise Up. 

Financial & Time Independence

Become a Real Estate Investor

A key to success is understanding the pillars of wealth. It is essential for building and managing wealth. Learn from the best and join us on this great journey!

We credit our success to the classes, community, and coaching we have had. In the past two yeas, we have been a part of 12 fix and flips! We invite you to learn more about our online classes, coaching and community of support.

Help Grow the Community

We are on a mission to grow our community of investors. We have community of 140 investors here in MN and over 35,000 nationwide. It is a real estate ecosystem! Help us grow it!

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"Turning dreams into plans! I just finished a really special project with the help of the community. The education showed me alternative investing strategies so I could give a wonderful family the ultimate springboard into their next chapter. Thankful for this education, a great community of friends to work with and the ability to change lives."

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